Snail Bob Game Review


There are eight games that each show the animated adventures of a little snail named Bob.

The games at are designed to be logic puzzles. Bob needs to complete all of the levels in each game order to find his way home. If you get stuck you can just click the “Walkthrough” icon at the bottom of your screen. You can also replay each level if you need to. Click the “2x” icon to make Bob go faster.

Level 1
The first game introduces you to how it works. Bob enters the level through a pipe. You can click him to make Bob shrink into his shell. Click him again so you can see him. Little arrows and dotted circles show you what else to click on to guide Bob through the level. These are often levers or dials to push Bob through. You start with about 300 points but those start counting down if you take too long to get through the level.

Level 2
Now Bob needs to go to his grandfather’s birthday party. The only path to the party is through a scary forest. Snail Bob 2 is much more challenging. You meet some enemies who want to eat Bob or even take his shell. You’ll encounter a lot of spikes and other tricky obstacles.

Level 3
Bob’s grandfather invented a transportation device that sends Bob all the way to ancient Egypt. The third shows you how to collect stars. The stars are bonus points that unlock new features in the game.

Level 4
Somehow Bob has ended up in outer space! He needs to defend the planet from evil aliens. This time you have to overcome the anti-gravity setting. Bob will float around until you give him direction again.

Level 5
Bob has fallen in love with a beautiful lady snail who is having a concert. The only problem is that the concert can only be reached by passing through a dangerous forest. The creatures in the forest definitely don’t want Bob making it out of the game alive.

Level 6
Bob finds himself in a winter wonderland. The surfaces are very slippery so you have to be careful. Some of the levels are Christmas themed and have ornaments. Snail Bob 6 has over 90 levels to complete as well as three mini games.

Level 7
Bob reads a lot of fantasy stories about dragons, knights, and wizards. Somehow the magic comes to life and Bob becomes trapped in a fantasy book of his own. You need to help Bob escape or else he’ll be trapped in the land of make believe forever!

Level 8
The eighth game in the series is set on an island. Be wary of quicksand and angry island warriors.

You can play the games on other platforms too. The app works with Apple and Android products.

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